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Category: Matthew Vernhout

Manufacturing Success: A Book Review of “How Toyota Became #1”

How Toyota Became 1
Why You Should Read This Book Now

The car sector is getting a lot of press these days – particularly about how “the big three” North American brands are seeking public funds to help sustain a sector whose contraction has dramatic and worldwide implications. One of the more common reasons given for the current state of the industry is the inability of large and complex companies to adapt quickly enough to their customers’ changing tastes and needs.

It is with this state of the industry in mind that one can learn valuable lessons from David Magee’s How Toyota Became #1, because Toyota continues its 30-plus year industry reign of profitability, innovation and growth. And it has done so by ensuring that it truly stays connected with its customers as well as all other relevant stakeholders.

Who Should Read This Book

While some may think that How Toyota Became #1 is only worthwhile for those in the car and/or manufacturing sectors, the truth is that the power of its stories and practical lessons can be applied to all industries as well as to any company regardless of their size, age, geographic region or stage of growth. Furthermore, its insights are relevant for all C-level executives. For example, company leaders in charge of marketing, finance, operations and human resources can all learn about the importance of, and methods for:

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