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Category: Phil Barrett

It's About the Mobile Internet, Dummie!

About this time last year my first post was published on One Degree about the growing popularity of mobile in Canada.  The stats looked promising for marketers looking to test or incorporate mobile into their marketing mix – although most tests were SMS based.

What a difference a year makes.

Since publishing that first article, Canadians have not only continued their torrid adoption of SMS (CWTA will release stats this week showing we are on pace to double last year’s output to 20 billion) but they now have access to the iPhone, Blackberry Bold, Palm Centro, Samsung Instinct, Nokia N95 and many other next generation devices with fantastic mobile web browsers – which means mobile web access is here for the masses. 

Last week I wrote a piece about user behaviour and motivators of the mobile web user – but what about all of you who still don’t understand the difference between the “desktop” web and the “mobile” web?

Go buy or borrow a copy of Mobile Internet for Dummies from Wiley Publishing.

Co-authored by local mobile evangelist Michael O’Farrell, this reference book is an easy read that has something for everybody – even those who can already find their mobile browser without asking a niece, nephew or local paper boy.

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