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Category: Public Relations

Live 8.. A Marketing Opportunity?

Live 8, the “20 years later” version of the original Live Aid concerts in 1985, is set for this Saturday, July 2. I have four tickets and I am looking forward to the Barrie (Toronto) event. I know that the aim of this event is to focus awareness, and action, on global poverty and the upcoming G8 Summit in Scotland. Make Poverty History – do you remember seeing any of those TV commercials with actors and musicians snapping their fingers to signify how often somoeone in tne world dies due to poverty? – is getting lots of attention and co-branding with the Canadian event. Lots of companies are supporting Live 8 but why aren’t more of them using this as a better marketing tool…or to capture permission?


I'm A Happy Customer

One Degree uses “CampaignMonitor”: to manage its newsletter (you are a subscriber aren’t you?). I love the product and in sending a routine support question to them I happened to gush at them a bit.
My “Bloglines”: “vanity feed” just found that CampaignMonitor “just added me”: to their “Happy Customers/Press”: blog category.
And now that I’ve linked to them, they will in turn see that I’ve linked to them when they next check their vanity feed. “And so it goes.”:

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