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Category: Rant

Why I Hate Blogs for Marketing Campaigns

I get that you want to promote the fact you have a blog. And I see you have a lot of great stuff in there. But for the love of decent results why would you use your blog as a landing page?
Yet this seems to be a trend. I just received one of my regular emails on marketing topics, this one a newsletter on marketing to IT. Front and center they’re offering a new report on media consumption, sounds great!
Uh-oh, I see the dreaded words “download from our blog site” and I can sense what’s coming. Sure enough, I click to the site and there’s already a bunch of new posts on top of the report they told me about. At least I think it’s the one. There are a bunch of articles on different media topics, but only one has a chart. None of the entries are labelled, “IT media consumption study.”