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Category: Ryan McKegney

Is Your Campaign Domain Searchable?

So you’ve just rolled out a big media campaign for your company. You even created a special URL for the campaign so you can track the response. All your potential customers have to do is type in… but what if your target audience doesn’t know how to type in a URL? Don’t worry; they’ll just type it into the Google search box. But will they find your site when they do that? Not always.


QotD: How Does Your Company Use Facebook?

With a surge in users, and the ability for non-college students to sign up Facebook has become a social networking behemoth. With a recent Goldman Sachs trader spending over 4 hours a day on the site it is no wonder employers are starting to take notice. It is at this juncture that we present today’s QotD:

How does your company use Facebook? Do your employees have their own group? Does your brand have it’s own fan made group and if so, how do you interact with it? Do you have an official group for your brand or products?