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Category: Second Life and Virtual Worlds

Five Questions for Harlequin


Recently, Harlequin held its first event in Second Life – a reading of The Reincarnationist (published on their MIRA Books imprint) and live chat with author M.J. Rose. The event was held in a venue built specially for Harlequin, an Italian piazza that recreated one of the main locations in the book. The venue is living on after the event. Residents can explore the piazza and adjoining church with crypt to find clues to the mystery in the book as well as a sample first chapter and additional information about the author.

One Degree sat down with Jenny Bullough, Manager of Digital Content and Interactivity at Harlequin Enterprises to discuss this foray into Second Life.

One Degree: What made you decide to hold an event in Second Life? How does it complement other events on the book tour? How did you get the word out?

We decided on Second Life for a number of reasons: because the unique nature of the virtual world would allow us to recreate settings from the novel; because holding an author Q&A in Second Life would allow numerous readers to interact with the author in real time from their own time zones; and because the theme of the novel is very much in keeping with the concept of a virtual world, as the protagonist is experiencing another, “second” life through intense past-life regressions.


Evian Enters Second Life with Free Skin Giveaway

evian-box.pngEvian enters Second Life by partnering with an established in-world skin designer, RealSKIN, to offer residents a set of free skins – part of their “Bring Your Skin to Life” message. I’m a Second Life advocate and this is an excellent example of how to slowly enter a virtual world. Three key reasons: partnership, value, and world-specific promotion.

Details are in the full article.

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More Brands Entering Second Life

In case you haven’t visited your favourite metaverse recently, here are a few of the brands that have entered Second Life:

Coca-Cola launched its Virtual Thirst program … a design contest that solicits ideas for an in-world vending machine that dispenses, not Coca-Cola, but the ESSENCE of Coca-Cola: refreshment, joy, unity and experience. Coca-Cola also has a MySpace page and a YouTube channel to support the contest. Visit the Virtual Thirst Pavilion in-world.


Lacoste, close on the heels of L’Oreal Paris’ beauty pageant, is holding their own avatar model search.  Six avatars will be chosen to share a purse of a million Linden dollars and will pose in unique Lacoste clothing for a photo shoot.  Find out more on the Lacoste site.