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One Degree Daily … Thursday, August 1, 2019

LeBron James partners with Drake to bring his digital platform to Canada

An athlete empowerment brand founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter is coming to Canada. And it’s doing so with a Canadian partnership.

On Tuesday, James’ Uninterrupted announced it’s partnering with Drake to empower Canadian athletes to be “More Than An Athlete.”


Why Health and Fitness Companies Need Digital Marketing to Grow

This, in turn, makes it even more challenging for companies to maintain customer loyalty and even rake in those crucial numbers.

You see, such a competitive environment, coupled with ever-evolving consumer preferences and emerging trends, requires fitness companies to move out of their comfort zones and adopt high-impact marketing tactics to stay in business.


A startling number of consumer products are linked to traumatic brain injuries

You may not expect the products you buy or the environment you live in to play a major role in injuring you, but according to a new study in the peer-reviewed medical journal Brain Injury, a large number of traumatic brain injuries among children and teenagers were the result of consumer goods like bunk beds, bicycles, car seats, and sofas. Using data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the researchers found that the biggest share of brain injuries in the data set were caused by sports, primarily football, with 28% of injuries. Home furnishings caused 17.2% of injuries, while architecture and construction materials (like floors and stairs) caused 17.1% of injuries.


Google to Site Owners: Remove Noindex Directives from Robots.txt

Google is emailing webmasters via Search Console telling them to remove noindex statements from their robots.txt file.


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