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One Degree Daily … Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Closing the Culture Gap

Leaders today are well aware that their organization’s culture is an asset that must be managed with purpose and care. The trouble is, there isn’t a playbook that makes it obvious how to do this. Sometimes, even the most well-meaning CEOs don’t fully connect with the real issues that motivate people. This critical gap — between leaders’ perceptions of what people care about and the actual realities of the culture — can prevent a company from achieving its desired results.


Average Time Spent with Media in Canada

Time spent with digital media in Canada has surpassed that of traditional media for the first time, and digital ad spending has finally caught up with the changing way in which Canadians are consuming media.


These 11 Facebook privacy tweaks put you back in control

FAST COMPANYDeath. Taxes. Facebook. The first two you can’t avoid. And the third isn’t that much easier to escape. A long history of privacy backtracking and goofs—like a longstanding vulnerability that allowed Cambridge Analytica to harvest user’s data—has fueled plenty of “Quit Facebook!” chatter. But you’ll miss a lot if you do.


IN PHOTOS: How Canada Day 2019 was celebrated from coast to coast

Parades, parties and fireworks displays helped Canadians from coast to coast celebrate Canada’s 152nd birthday on Monday.


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