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One Degree Daily Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Digital economy is real, but skills policy sketchy on future jobs

Top civil servants have been told that their departments don’t know what the jobs of the future will look like and that employers’ demands for skills will change more and more frequently in the years to come

The admission is in voluminous material prepared for deputy ministers as they get ready for the fall election and the prospect of a new party taking power or the Liberals’ being re-elected with new priorities.


A strategist’s guide to upskilling

Imagine that you’re one of millions of people whose job is threatened by digital technology. You’re the compliance officer at a bank, an operations manager on an assembly line, a technical writer, a programming debugger, or a lighting coordinator for a photographer. Sometimes your job is so bound up in routine, you joke that it could be handled by a computer. Then the joke becomes reality. You are asked to help design the automated processes that will replace your position in a year.


Digital Content vs. Digital Access

Pearson’s recent “digital first” announcement regarding collegiate curricular materials follows Cengage’s move some 18 months ago to promote digital curricular content with a one price, “all you can read” strategy. Also playing an increasingly larger role in the conversation about digital course materials is the OER content from both non-profit (e.g., MIT Open Courseware, Merlot, and OpenStax, among others) and for-profit providers (e.g., Lumen Learning) that promote OER, primarily in digital formats.


During summer holidays, focus may change but email is still email

The dog days of summer are upon us! There’s an astronomical explanation for the name, but for most of us the “dog days” are a time of year when the kids don’t have school, everyone is piling into the car for road trips and vacations are finally around the corner. In the good (or bad, depending) old days, this time of year was a chance to disconnect. Now, we’re all on our mobile devices while filling the tank in Montana during the family road trip. But, though we’re still connected, our email and digital habits do change. Sometimes you ignore your phone when taking a noon nap on the beach, but eventually, you’ll pick it up and see the free shipping and deeply discounted promotional email. But you’re on vacation, taking things a bit slower and not conforming to your normal 8 to 5 routine.


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