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One Degree for Tuesday, August 27, 2019

More than half of all login attempts on social media are scammers

“Bot” has become a household word, thanks to the many fraud and disinformation campaigns using fake, automated social media accounts to post or “like” bogus information. But with social media companies like Facebook and Twitter trying to crack down on fake accounts, scammers are turning to real people—or rather, hijacked accounts of real people—to get the message out.


Dark Days Are Closing In On Apple

What’s the most successful product in history?

Chances are pretty good you’re holding one in your hand right now…

Apple (AAPL) has sold roughly a TRILLION dollars’ worth of iPhones since 2007.

If the iPhone were a company, it would rank #30 on the Fortune 500 list of the world’s biggest businesses.


Back to Basics: Understanding Digital Marketing & Search Results

Digital Marketing is a science. And just as there are multiple types of science, there are various forms of digital marketing. But the average person doesn’t necessarily know what is what on a given search results page, nor what drives each of those results.

Although digital marketing is constantly changing, we wanted to provide a “back to basics” overview to break down what today’s search results pages often look like, what each listing means, and what triggers the results the user sees. As with anything, there are variations and exceptions due to browser, device, settings, etc., but we don’t want to take up your entire day, so for this post, we’ll stick to the basics.



Anti-immigration billboard featuring Maxime Bernier will be taken down, company says

The owner of billboards currently showcasing ads that seek to promote the People’s Party of Canada’s controversial stance on immigration reversed course on Sunday, saying the company would take the material down in response to “overwhelming” criticism.


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