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One Degree for Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trudeau’s Liberals sketch out their campaign strategy: Tout their record but beware economic ‘anxiety’

Among the 50 or so present were veterans of the party’s dramatic win in 2015 — “getting the band back together,” quipped one participant — as well as new faces.

The group, which included regional representatives, talked about the current state of politics, the mood on the ground, digital strategies and how they saw the campaign playing out.


Starbucks just publicly deconstructed its brand—here’s why

Whether you love or hate its coffee, there is no denying that the Starbucks brand is a juggernaut. The green siren logo—with her ingeniously asymmetrical face—is a universal beacon for a caffeine fix. And there is no mistaking one of the company’s hyperbolic beverages like the Tie-Dye Frappucino, which you can spot on the street from a block away, for a drink made by any other chain.


Back to Basics: Understanding Digital Marketing & Search Results

Digital Marketing is a science. And just as there are multiple types of science, there are various forms of digital marketing. But the average person doesn’t necessarily know what is what on a given search results page, nor what drives each of those results.

Although digital marketing is constantly changing, we wanted to provide a “back to basics” overview to break down what today’s search results pages often look like, what each listing means, and what triggers the results the user sees. As with anything, there are variations and exceptions due to browser, device, settings, etc., but we don’t want to take up your entire day, so for this post, we’ll stick to the basics.


Canadian Digital Service challenged to digitize government by 2025

Canadian Digital Service CEO Aaron Snow says the ‘ambitious, but not totally outlandish deadline’ prompted the release of a roadmap to meet that goal.


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