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One Degree for Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fake social media bots in Alberta likely to interfere in federal election, experts warn

A federal report confirming the use of false social media posts to try to manipulate last spring’s Alberta election points to dangers for the upcoming federal vote, political scientists say.

“Absolutely!” said Duane Bratt of Calgary’s Mount Royal University.


Google: 50 US states and territories launch competition probe

The coalition warned that the search giant may be threatening competition and consumers.

They also raised concerns over the way Google ranks its search results and protects users’ personal data.

The action adds to a mounting number of probes of big technology firms by US authorities.


Elections Canada’s third-party advertising controversy ignores regulatory discretion, says lawyer

The recent controversy over Elections Canada, climate-change advocacy, third-party advertising and Maxime Bernier underestimates the capacity of regulatory discretion, says McCarthy Tétrault partner Awanish Sinha.

In August, an Elections Canada training video ignited a discussion about whether, during election season, environmental organizations can publicly advocate against climate change without registering with Elections Canada as a third party and adhering to a $511,700 spending limit.


Leveling Up: How an Online Game Became AWAL’s Secret Marketing Weapon

In pop singer-songwriter Lauv’s new online game Billy Meets World, players navigate a pixelated cityscape as an animated version of Lauv’s real pet puppy. The free game, inspired by the fondly-remembered 2013 app Flappy Bird, is silly, fun and just the right level of challenging. But for Lauv’s label, AWAL, it’s also a way to boost his listener base as he prepares to release his debut album.


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