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One Degree Friday, November 29, 2019

How to Stop the Internet From Ruining Your Relationship

Six months into our relationship, my girlfriend announced that she has never, and will never, scroll through my Twitter likes. I didn’t know whether to process that as a courtesy or a threat.


There’s a problem when analogue policy makers set the rules for a digital world

Last week’s fan email included condemnation for a “piece that seems more like propaganda from a boomer.” I was born in 1974. But I concede, growing up in the no-man’s land between the prosperity-is-us boomers and the digitally native millennials means some of us Gen-Xers aren’t always with it.


The Next Big Trend: Social Media is the New Holiday Shopping Mall

Canadians are increasingly turning to social media platforms and mobile apps to check items off their holiday shopping lists. PayPal Canada today unveiled their inaugural Social Commerce Trend Study, which reveals that almost half of Canadian social media users are currently shopping on social media (47%) and nearly 40 per cent plan to shop on social media this holiday season. According to the study, Canadian social media users spend an average of $924 a year shopping on social media platforms.


Here’s the best way to use each social media channel for your business

Social media has changed drastically since businesses started using it as a way to reach customers. But despite the changes, it still is one of the most valuable marketing tactics you can use.

For many businesses, social media still makes an impact on the bottom line.


‘No one is consenting’: How social media is re-traumatizing victims of domestic abuse

As Peel Regional Police make a strong plea with the public to not share a video of an alleged domestic violence assault in Brampton, it brings into focus an ethical debate about how such videos can re-victimize people and potentially have legal implications.





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