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One Degree Friday, October 4, 2019

Apple iOS 13.1.2 Release: Should You Upgrade?

Apple iOS 13.1.2 has landed. It is the third fast-tracked iOS 13 upgrade in under two weeks as Apple desperately plays Whac-a-mole with its botched iOS 13 launch. If you’re unfortunate enough to be running iOS 13, you need this. But everyone else should steer clear because it’s another flawed release.


What Facebook ad data tells us about the parties’ social media strategies

Facebook releases limited data about political advertisers on its platform. Advertisers can target people using detailed demographic criteria, including race and presumed ethnicity, but little of that complexity is visible in the public data.


NYU Tandon data scientists launch tool to analyze Facebook political advertising in Canada

Computer scientists at New York University Tandon School of Engineering today launched a new website that analyzes all Canadian Facebook political advertising in the leadup to the October 21 elections. The interactive, user-friendly website lets users easily explore the data and break down the advertising spend based on party, target demographic, region, and other factors. The full data is available at:


5 Ways SEO Helps Marketers Work Smarter with Bigger Brands

If you take the same approach to big brands as all other companies you work with, you are limiting your results.

This is true regardless if you’re working in-house or on the agency side of digital marketing


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