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One Degree Friday, September 20, 2019

B.C. government bans promoting cannabis in licensed establishments

The B.C. government has banned advertising and anything else that could be construed as promoting cannabis in licensed establishments. That includes restaurants as well as bars, and it is in effect for events that have special permits.


Small business digital marketing: DIY or outsource?

Marketing and advertising on the internet are an integral part of running a small business, one many owners handle themselves.

It does require some knowledge and skill. Owners may need to take short courses in digital marketing — in particular, online searches and advertising — at local colleges. Or, they may be self-taught, says Cathy Petersen, director of search engine marketing at Surefire Local, a digital marketing company based in Vienna, Virginia.


Google search can now point you to the exact part of a video you need

Google search is now able to point you to the exact parts of a video that are most helpful. The new feature, which launched yesterday, works by pulling timestamp information from a YouTube video’s description. The feature currently only works for YouTube videos in English language searches, but Google says it’s working to bring the functionality to more video publishers in the future, including CBS Sports and NDTV.


U.S. social media firms say they are removing violent content faster

Major U.S. social media firms told a Senate panel Wednesday they are doing more to prevent to remove violent or extremist content from online platforms in the wake of several high-profile incidents, focusing on using more technological tools to act faster.


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