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One Degree Monday, November 11, 2019

Royal Canadian Legion uses Fortnite to reach young people on Remembrance Day

The Royal Canadian Legion is trying to reach young people it says are becoming more disconnected with veterans and war history — and it’s using the video game Fortnite to get its message across.

Through the wildly popular battle royale game, players can visit Remembrance Island, which takes users along a trail of poppies through various historical locations in which Canadians have fought. Those include Vimy Ridge, the beaches of Normandy and the deserts of Afghanistan.


‘Truly Canadian’? American-owned RONA removes signs after ad complaint

Founded 80 years ago by two Quebec entrepreneurs, home improvement chain RONA has long considered itself a Canadian icon.

The retailer went so far as to paste the words “Truly Canadian” and “Proudly Canadian” in large letters on many of its storefronts.


Digital Marketing Trends You Should Follow

The end of 2019 is near, and those who are in the marketing business are already thinking about the campaigns that await them in the next year. If you want to have an advantage over your competition, you have to be trending and know what’s going on. Many are wondering whether to continue with the same strategies or to make some changes? Here are some trends digital marketing you can start implementing right now.


Hide where you’re going in Google Maps to keep your navigation history a secret

Google has launched an Incognito Mode feature that lets you go MIA while using the Maps app. In other words, you can use Maps without letting others see where you’re going, which can be useful if you’re birthday shopping or planning a surprise get-together. When in incognito mode, Maps won’t save any of the spots you’ve searched for, in case you share your device, location or Google account with loved ones.


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