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One Degree Monday, September 16, 2019

Social media marks a new battleground as Canada’s federal election looms

As Canadian political leaders criss-cross the country vying for votes, Jeff Ballingall is fighting this election using his Facebook page.

The former Conservative Party staffer runs Canada Proud, a not-for-profit digital advocacy group whose mission is to defeat Justin Trudeau using a unique combination of internet memes, videos and social media strategy.


As health officials in Canada and the U.S. keep a close eye on a surge in illnesses possibly linked to vaping, so, too, are Canada’s political leaders.

Vaping has exploded in popularity among young people in both countries.

A recent Health Canada survey found nearly one in four students in Grades 7-12 have tried e-cigarettes.


Liberals Have Spent Over $11,000 In Twitter Campaign Advertising

An Liberal ad campaign worth over $11,000 is the first purchase recorded in Twitter’s new transparency centre for Canadian political ads.

The Liberal Party of Canada is, as of Friday, the only political campaigning advertiser listed in Twitter’s online database (along with the party’s French-language account).

The Liberals have spent roughly $11,400 promoting four tweets since the first full day of campaigning Thursday.


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