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One Degree Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Social media has amplified abuse of female politicians in ‘toxic way’: Hillary Clinton

Female politicians are facing a backlash over women’s rights which has been fueled by social media that rewards abusive posts and conspiracy theories, former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Sunday.

Women in the public eye still face scrutiny over their looks and pressure to behave politely and meekly in a way that men do not, said Clinton as she discussed a book co-authored with her daughter Chelsea Clinton about inspirational women leaders.


Ultimate Privacy Guide (How to stay safe online)

Complete privacy on the internet is virtually impossible, and any services that claim to offer it are bending the truth.

However, anyone can improve their privacy online by adapting their on-line habits, like choosing privacy focused on-line services and limiting the volume of information, they store on the internet.


India cracks down on social media after religious-site ruling

Dozens of people in India were detained on suspicion of publishing inflammatory social media posts and setting off celebratory firecrackers after the Supreme Court ruled to give a disputed religious site to Hindus.


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