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One Degree Tuesday, September 17, 2019

When candidates go wrong

Let’s sum up what’s happened in just the last few days:

The Liberals had to disqualify a candidate just before the campaign began after B’nai Brith accused him of making anti-Semitic statements.

A Conservative candidate in Winnipeg stepped down after the party became aware of comments it called “insensitive to Islam and some ethnic groups.” And they’re now facing questions about another candidate who was disqualified from running for the Ontario provincial Tories because of what that war room deemed “extremely controversial and problematic” social media posts.


Google’s Newest Gadget for Your Home Is Literally Always Watching You

The Google Nest Hub Max seems like a pretty smart device–even if the name could use some work. It also has some pretty cool features. For example, the device will display the calendar or content customized for the person who happens to be looking at it, without them having to log on. That sounds really cool, but in order for it to work, there’s one giant catch.


Here’s what happens when your privacy is violated on social media

Nine in 10 people say they are concerned about the access, collection, and storage of their personal data on social media platforms, according to a new Verizon Media survey. And about 20% of users say they had their privacy violated on social media.


How To Become A Social Media Marvel In Nine Minutes

Digital branding is my primary focus these days, and that means helping clients get past their resistance to social media. The number one reason they tell me that they don’t engage in social media is:


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