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One Degree Tuesday, September 3, 2019

What The First Ads Say About The Election Campaign

The first ads of the election campaign didn’t just reveal flashy campaign slogans, they’ve set the stage for a contest where the ad war will yet again be the difference maker for the winning team.

This week, we learned some of the slogans. “Choose Forward” for the Liberals and “It’s time for you to get ahead” from the Conservatives. That we don’t know Jagmeet Singh’s is likely equally telling. You can learn a lot from a campaign slogan. They’re the ultimate distillation of the modern campaign for a tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) world. They boil down every event, speech, social media post and ad into just a few words that are then slapped on everything from the side of an airplane to a podium.


Internet Trends In 2019 That Marketers Can Act On Now

Every year, I keep an eye out for venture capitalist investor Mary Meeker’s cutting-edge insights into internet trends. I always find valuable nuggets in her report that can be directly applied to marketing strategy — sometimes in unexpected ways.

Here are the top four 2019 internet trends that stood out most to me as a marketer and why:


The Number One Thing Marketers Need To Know To Increase Online Sales

Before cell phones, traditional marketers based their game plan on a typical buying funnel which included building product awareness, getting to know target customer’s preferences and interests, which in turn led to sales. Different stages of the funnel took place in many interactions between customers and sales reps.


Where do the most innovative ideas come from? Not your CEO

The next time you’re brainstorming the next big idea, don’t extend a meeting invite to your executives. Instead, make sure as many of your frontline staff members as possible are there.

The thing about great ideas, said Aly Dhalla, co-founder and CEO of Finaeo, a Canadian insurtech company, is that they can come from anywhere.


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