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One Degree … Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More than a feeling: How do you measure culture?

Organizational culture — the set of values, beliefs, and behaviors that determine “how things get done” in an organization — evolves slowly. With a commitment to changing a culture, new ways of working start to become the new normal. People begin to say, “Hey, things feel different around here.” But what’s the key to moving from that ephemeral feeling that things are shifting, to real and sustainable traction that informs business results? The answer is measurement.


Why White Hat SEO is No Longer a Thing

Some in the SEO industry promote themselves as white hat. It means they are ethical. Those same SEOs posit that black hat SEOs are the bad guys. Turns out that black and white hat thing is not as black and white as we’ve been led to believe.


How to Boost your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

One of the struggles business owners face is converting email subscribers into customers. A stunning 61 percent of bloggers use email marketing as a way to promote their content. However, many eCommerce businesses need email marketing if they want to maintain a strong relationship with their customers.


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