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I am working with a good friend on developing her web site. She is a respected industry insider and at the top of her career. Almost all her business comes from word-of-mouth and referrals.
As we discussed options for her site, the conversation turned (quickly) to why people would visit the site and what we wanted them to do based on their visit.
Most visitors will be coming to the site either because someone said “you have to talk to this person, check out her site” or because they Googled her before contacting her.
The goal of the site had to be to get them to call and set up a meeting because all her business starts with a face-to-face meeting.
Given that goal, our first approach was to consider an informational site with the usual “client list”, “bio”, “services”, and such. Then we considered a more aggressive “selling” strategy to push visitors to pick up the phone.
In the end neither of these seemed right given that most visitors are already interested and qualified. It seemed to us that the purpose of the site was to “credential” her rather than “inform” or “sell”.
From this we came up with a new (for me) conceptual model for the site – *”Credentialing”*.

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