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RSS and Ad-Supported Sites

I was a bit surprised that John Battelle so easily dismissed the problems that syndication will cause ad-supported sites when I asked him about it for today’s “Five Questions For…” feature.
I think that Keith Robinson shows the confusion many publishers feel about this issue in his “How RSS Affects Content Monetization post…

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Five Questions For John Battelle

John Battelle
“John Battelle”: is a noted “author”:, “event organizer”:, “columnist”:, and “entrepreneur”: In his spare time he acts as “Ruben Kincaid”: to the “Partridge Family of the Internet”: (“Xeni”: even says they’ve got the web equivalent of “bubblegum cards”:
Interestingly, John’s brevity leaves us with a 305 word interview that is 57% questions and 43% answers – a ratio only slightly better than if I’d asked “boxers or briefs” and he’d answered “briefs”.

*One Degree: Your “endemic advertising post”: was a big part of the inspiration for One Degree. Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by endemic advertising and why you think it is a natural match for blogs?*
Publications are conversations between three parties – authors, audience, and advertiser. I believe that advertising works best when the advertiser is also a conversant – someone who naturally belongs in the conversation. My term for that kind of an advertiser is “endemic.” You see a lot of them on, for example.
*One Degree: I’ve been assuming that your new venture FM Publishing would be modelled around endemic advertising. Is this the case?*

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5 Days, 5 Interviews, 25 Questions

This is a busy week at One Degree with not one but five new interviews in our “Five Questions For…” Series coming up.
Later today you’ll see our John Battelle interview, followed on Tuesday by Organic Inc’s Mark Kingdon. Wednesday we’ll have Jay Aber from 24/7 Canada. Thursday we’ll talk to Dawna Henderson of henderson bas and we’ll close out the week with a conversation with Krista Lariviere of Hot Banana.
Have someone you think we should pose our Five Questions to? Tell us your dream interviewees in the comments.

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