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Preference Centres and Preference Pages

Today I read an article on email preferences in the E-Zine IQ newsletter from Chief Marketer. In “Preferences Prove Profitable” Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop provides a good overview of the WHY and HOW of giving subscribers the ability to tailor your email communications to them.
Preference centres or preference pages are a great way to segment customers and prospects alike. However, many email marketers do not use these tools properly. In addition, even if they capture preferences they are not effectively adapting their emails to this valuable information.

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Deliverability Biggest Challenge for Canadian E-mail Marketers

Today I read another article on email deliverability. This one has a more Canadian slant. Basically the Direct Marketing News article “Deliverability is biggest challenge facing legitimate email marketers in Canada” suggests up to 50% of all marketing emails never get through. They use a good postal email analogy that simply underscores what deliverability is.
I dispute the generalization of the 50% figure when you are using reputable email service providers (ESPs) that have proper relationships with major Internet Service Providers. However, I will agree it is possible to have 50% of your email blocked.
What can you do?

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