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Advergaming – the Good and the Pointless

Advergaming is a growing trend in online promotion. Even Microsoft plans to get in the game (MarketingVox)
In an earlier post (Advergaming – When Done Right it Works) I wrote that advergaming, if done right, can definitely drive results. To do this, the game must be relevant and fun for the player and the marketer must be able to track results – so you can prove it is working.
Let’s take a look at a few examples of advergaming that I have come across and let’s see how they fare.


Spam (Slightly) Less Annoying: Pew Internet Study

Most e-mail users are getting less spam than a year ago and are finding it only slightly less annoying. As reported by, the recent Pew Internet study found that for personal e-mail accounts 28% of users report receiving spam, 22% are receiving less, while 47% say they’ve seen no change in spam volume.

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