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Giftless Links

“Robert Scoble”: and “Shel Israel”: are writing a book on corporate blogging called “Naked Conversations”. They’re practicing what they preach and using their “Naked Conversations”: Blog (Formerly “the Red Couch”) as a launching pad and test bed for many of the ideas and much of the content in the book.
Scoble just posted “Corporate Blog Tip #8 – A link is a gift”: which had some really great thoughts about the power of linking to others.
I posted a reply pointing out that *we don’t always want to give a gift when we link*. Here’s my comment:

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Bell Canada Improves E-mail First Impression

Bell Canada has updated the “From” and “Subject” on their promotional e-mail messages. Take a look at…

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Advergaming – Done right, it works!

Advergaming is one of the latest techniques being used by marketers to engage consumers and embed their brands into entertaining content. What are the “best practices” in this area? Here are some ideas…plus, stay tuned for some examples of advergaming that hit and miss the mark.

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Spyware Spitzer’s Next Big Thing?

Recently I posted on the fact that New York State Attorney General Elliott Spitzer had gone after Intermix, a public company alleged to be using spyware in their marketing efforts (Spyware, Downloads & the Law). Now, as many have thought, it seems that may be just the beginning. In an Associated Press (AP) article today (Will Spyware Be Spitzer’s Next Big Thing?) it seems Spitzer and his staff are determining when, and how, to be most effective…just like they have with mutual fund dealers and insurers. Maybe it’s just about getting everyone to agree what constitutes adware, spyware and malware? That would be a good thing!

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