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Thursday, November 15 – Talk is Cheap – Toronto


Talk Is Cheap (Thursday evening, November 15) — an unconference for Toronto-area PR and corporate communications practitioners interested in social media (Web 2.0) is looking for presenters and registrants.

Talk Is Cheap is a forum where PR and corporate communications practitioners who are aware of the social media phenomenon and want to find out more can come together with practitioners who have experience in these spaces and willing to share those experiences with colleagues. Corporate communications and PR students interested in learning more about social media’s impact on the biz would also benefit. So, whether you’ve only heard about, just dabbled in, or are a master of blogs or podcasts or wikis or Facebook or myRagan or The Communicators Network or Twitter or Bloglines or, well you get the idea, Talk Is Cheap is for you!

To find out more or to register, check out the the Talk Is Cheap Web site.

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Don't Monetize Your Friends

Isn’t it time for your friends to start earning their keep? Yuwie might be the answer. Started in May 2007, Yuwie is similar to MySpace and Facebook, with one big difference: it pays users for generated activity—views of their profile and photos, for example—and that of people they refer. Sort of like a pyramid scheme. And it threatens the foundation of social networking: the whole “social” part.

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