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Observed: A Decade in the Life of Website Advertising

Prior to heading up to the cottage last summer, I decided to scour my video library and bring along a couple of time-shifted videotapes of early nineties movies. Over the years, I’ve amassed an interesting (to me, anyway) collection of obscure foreign films and documentaries, most of which I’ve taped off of regular broadcast television, commercials and all.
I forget exactly which movie I was watching, but I distinctly recall feeling that there was something very odd about the television commercials. Yes, they were about ten years old, so the fashion and hairdos were a sight to behold, but there was something else about the commercials that I couldn’t put my finger on.

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Five Questions For Mark Organ – CEO Eloqua

_Mark Organ co-founded “Eloqua”: and has led the company through five years of growth as CEO. The company provides an integrated demand-generation platform to marketers who must produce a continuous flow of quality leads for a professional sales force. Mark led strategic engagements for Bain & Company, earned a Master’s degree in Neurosciences from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University._
*One Degree: You co-founded Eloqua in 1999. How has the market changed since those early days?*
Mark: The biggest change that I have seen is that many of the ideas we have espoused have become mainstream. Now it is becoming a lot more commonplace for marketers to leverage their websites as qualification tools; marketing leaders to focus overwhelmingly on demand generation as the primary service they provide; lead scoring systems employed to transfer only the best leads to the sales force, and nurture the rest with an electronic drip-marketing system. Whereas in the early days, mostly just B2B high tech companies were interested in these ideas, now we are seeing mainstream business services, manufacturing and financial services companies adopting these practices.
*One Degree: Eloqua’s tools help companies with (among other things) marketing automation and creating personalized marketing offers. But many companies seem to be struggling with the basics of online marketing. At what point in the evolution of an online marketing strategy should a company start to look at personalization, segmentation, marketing automation and other tools that might be categorized as “one-to-one” strategies?*

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Filtered: Links for May 15, 2005 – Durex Buys Condom Product Placements in Podcasts “In an effort to reach young listeners with risque marketing messages at the same time it…

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