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Five Questions for Chris Carder – CEO, ThinData

_Chris Carder is CEO of “ThinData”:, Canada’s leading permission-based email marketing firm whose more than 200 clients worldwide, include Aeroplan, Air Canada, Direct Energy, Delta Hotels, Canada Savings Bonds, World Vision, and Mirvish Productions._
_Chris leads a team of 40 email and e-marketing professionals and is a two-time Canadian New Media Awards winner (Volunteer and Employer)._
_Active in the community, he is also Co-Chair of “The International White Ribbon Campaign”: (having utilized the Internet to help grow the campaign from Toronto to more than 40 countries worldwide)._
*One Degree: ThinData has transitioned from its roots as a web developer to being one of Canada’s top e-mail marketing service firms. Why did you make the shift?*
Chris: Four years ago, we recognized that marketers (including our own Web clients) needed more advanced tools and strategies to fulfill on the promise of one-to-one/one-to-few marketing programs. Our clients were looking for strategies and technology to profile and engage their Web site visitors. They needed more than email deployment software, they needed sophisticated marketing tools and strategies. That’s where we saw the market gap and our opportunity — to bring email technologies and methods that would answer the real needs of Canadian marketers. We married this idea with our experience delivering mission critical solutions and exceptional client service and the result was the new ThinData.
*One Degree: Do you still need to sell corporate Canada on the benefits of e-mail marketing or do they “get it”?*

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Great List of Useful Web Tools

“”: contributor “kpaul”: has put together a “Web Apps Compendium v1.0”: that provides summaries and links to just about every tool an online marketer would want in their toolbox. Well almost all. The few that are missing are now getting added in the comments.

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CAN-SPAM changes are coming

Recently the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and their equivalent of Canada’s Task Force on Spam submitted proposed changes they recommend to the existing CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. In their Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) the FTC aims to reduce spam for email recipients and help email marketers and senders better understand the existing law.
Some proposed changes:
* Who is responsible for complying with CAN-SPAM? This change will clarify who the “sender” of a marketing email is and who must ensure CAN-SPAM compliance when you have multiple companies involved in a campaign or transmission. This will help when you have the marketer, agency and email service provider (ESP) working together.

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Canadian Task Force on Spam Presents Final Report

On May 17 the Canadian government’s Task Force on Spam presented its final report titled “Stopping Spam: Creating a Stronger, Safer Internet.”
Our own One Degree contributor Amanda Maltby is on that Task Force.
Some findings presented in the report (surprise, surprise):
* Spam is more than a nuisance. It is increasingly being used to carry viruses and worms, to commit fraud, to steal personal information, and to invade privacy. Not only do these activities drive up the costs for both consumers and businesses, but they also threaten the integrity of the Internet as a platform for communications and commerce.
* To effectively combat spam, government, industry, business and consumers must continue to work together, using a variety of instruments – from clear laws with strong penalties and vigorous enforcement, to sound business practices, consumer awareness, public education and international cooperation.

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