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Can’t Knock Knock Knock

Seth Godin’s latest ebook is called “KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works”: For less than ten bucks it is most definitely the deal of the day. Go, buy it now.
In the “CMA E-marketing Certificate course”: I teach here in Toronto we use Michael Porter’s Harvard Business Review article “The Internet and Strategy”: as the centrepiece of our discussions around using the Internet as a business tool. While reviewing the article this semester it struck me that Michael Porter’s article and Seth’s “Purple Cow”: are saying exactly the same thing in two entirely different ways. Some people will like the Porter’s theory-heavy bschool way of learning this stuff and others will enjoy Seth’s no-holds-barred, over-the-top analogies and colourful metaphors. (Personally I like both) But the essence of the message is the same – you need to be remarkable in many ways in order to have an advantage these days. The Internet can play a key part in that, but it generally is not the whole story.

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CMA – New Logo, New Site Coming

I spoke at the “CMA National Convention”: yesterday and really enjoyed myself. The room was packed and I had to fly through the “30 Quick Wins for Any Website”: in about 45 minutes, but I’m hoping that people came away with some solid ideas.

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