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One Degree Posts An Insiders' View of Canadian Startups

Attention all Canadian startups! Announcing the launch of, a place for the Canadian startup community to tell their own stories, profile their successes, learn from their failures and share knowledge. is spearheaded by serial entrepreneur, consultant and Firestoker founder Jevon MacDonald. “When I looked at the Canadian startup scene, I saw a lot of great ideas, great talent and a steady flow of these ideas and people to the Venture Capital
pools and acquiring companies of Silicon Valley,” says Macdonald.  “I run a small Canadian startup and I feel that there needs to be a conversation about startups, finance and living in Canada so that good opportunities will not slip through the cracks."

MacDonald set out to create a place to review “the life, and death of Canadian startups” and to build a community of users who are passionate about building great companies in Canada.

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Jeremy Gutsche Unlocks Cool in Ottawa

Jeremy Gutsche, of Trend Hunter Magazine, presented during an afternoon session at the CMA’s National Convention & Trade Show on how to _unlock cool_. His presentation outlined five steps on how to open and harness cool.

Click the video to find out how Jeremy helps companies unlock cool use it for their marketing techniques.

(If you are reading the feed version of this you’ll need to click through to see the video.)

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Don Tapscott Inspires At The CMA's National Convention

Don_tapscott_cma The best presentation at this years CMA’s National Convention & Trade Show was from Don Tapscott, of New Paradigm".  Author of Wikinomics, Don spoke on the transformation of marketing, and described the web as "becoming a new form of production," as all users connect to it and collaborate.

Don outlined four drivers for this shift of the web, and provided detailed examples and metrics to buttress his claims.  While the concepts might be straight-forward, when integrated they become a highly thought-out and developed map for change:

  1. The "new" web -> Web 2.0 (consisting of a variety of mediums):
    • The Thing – the utility we use to connect to the web.
    • The availability of broadband mobility, and high-bandwidth capable devices
    • Geo-Spaciality – The availability of the web from any location
    • True-multimedia
    • Web Services
    • Integration
  2. The Net Generation – For the first generation to grow up entirely on digital technologies Don provided the following quote to describe them; "We [the older-than-baby-boomer-children generation] are all digital immigrants, they [the kids] are all digital natives."
  3. The Social Revolution
  4. The Economic Revolution (consisting of four caveats);
    • Peering
    • Transparency – being open
    • Sharing -Mass Collaboration
    • Acting Globally
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