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Crispin Porter Bogusky And That Viral Chicken

The April 2005 issue of Fast Company includes a fairly lengthy piece called “Ruling The Roost that chronicles life in super-hot ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky.
Online folks now CP+B primarily for their work on a certain viral marketing campaign for Burger King.

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AIMS – Inaugural Think Tank Event

AIMS has just announced the inaugural event in their Think Tank Series will be on April 27, 2005. This is an interesting new twist for AIMS as it is a premium breakfast event.

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I’m A Happy Customer

One Degree uses “CampaignMonitor”: to manage its newsletter (you are a subscriber aren’t you?). I love the product and in sending a routine support question to them I happened to gush at them a bit.
My “Bloglines”: “vanity feed” just found that CampaignMonitor “just added me”: to their “Happy Customers/Press”: blog category.
And now that I’ve linked to them, they will in turn see that I’ve linked to them when they next check their vanity feed. “And so it goes.”:

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Is It Time To Drop IE 5.x?

As 37 Signals announces it is dropping support for old-time browsers, One Degree asks if marketers can comfortably do the same.

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