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What We’re Watching In 2005

Here are a few of the top trends I’ll be watching closely in 2005:
# “Web First” Marketing Strategies
# Rich Internet Applications
# Desktop Apps
# Firefox
# RSS Hits Mainstream

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Compare and Contrast SEM and SEO

Kevin Lee has a very nice overview of the difference between SEO and SEM in his ClickZ article “Compare and Contrast: SEM and SEO”:

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Canada Post Launches Fetch

Canada Post is recently launched Fetch. The “site is now live”:
There was a brief Globetechnology article back on January 25th about the fact that Fetch is being piloted in Calgary (which is somewhat unusual). (The article is no longer on the site)
This quote from the article does a good job of explaining the service at a very high level:
bq. The Fetch service allows a user to set up an account with Canada Post, and input personal contact information in confidence. When users see an advertisement from a company participating in Fetch, they request that information be sent to that on-line account, either by entering a text message on a cellphone, or through an interactive voice system.
bq. Advertisers would pay only when a consumer requests one of their offers, and individuals would pay nothing for the service.

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