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Google Announces Adsense Changes To Publishers

Here is the announcement Google just sent to Adsense publishers explaining the new formats:

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How To: Track Offline and Online Leads With Unique URLs

I recently watched an episode of “The Apprentice” and thoroughly enjoyed watching the two teams develop a launch brochure for GM’s new 2006 Pontiac Solstice, a nice looking sporty roadster. Anyway, after the show was done I channel surfed a while and came across a commercial (short infomercial) about a home-based business. The message was not what attracted me to the commercial. It was the fact that the URL flashed on the screen – www(dot)15earn(dot)com – was definitely some sort of tracking page to allow the marketer to track visits generated by this specific commercial. After getting to the 15earn(dot)com page I also tried 14earn(dot)com and other variations and found them leading to the “same” web page but using different tracking cookies for each.
Online marketers have had an advantage over those working only in the offline world. When using email or websites as your marketing channels you are able to easily and cost-effectively access detailed metrics and data, including real-time numbers.

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