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Ta-da Theater

I love “Ta-Da List”:, an online “to do” list that “37 Signals”: created to promote their equally wonderful “Basecamp”: online project management app.

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Flash Shopping Cart Boosts Conversion Rates

Forrester Research just released a new study on how Flash shopping carts increase conversion rates over traditional HTML carts. You can “pay Forrester US$345 for the report”:,7211,36424,00.html or you can thank “Pixelbox”: for doing the same thing.

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URLs As Marketing Tools

I was just looking at “”:, the latest incarnation of “GuruNet”: and I was impressed by their intelligent use of URLs.

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Ajax Is The Future Of Web Applications

One of the key “trends we’re watching in 2005”: is the rise of Rich Internet Applications.
I think that Jesse James Garrett’s recent article “Ajax: A New Approach To Web Applications”: will really help build the momentum behind the movement. Particularly because he’s introduced a new buzzword to describe things like “Gmail”: and “Flickr”: He says these applications are built on “Ajax” (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML).

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What We’re Watching In 2005

Here are a few of the top trends I’ll be watching closely in 2005:
# “Web First” Marketing Strategies
# Rich Internet Applications
# Desktop Apps
# Firefox
# RSS Hits Mainstream

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