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May 29 Double-Header from Profectio: Social Media Marketing and Consumer Engagement

Join us for our double-header of events on May 29th …
Guiding Light – Social Media Marketing
The Internet is constantly changing the way consumers communicate with you, your brand and your company. It is no secret that the Internet’s impact on business is important to the bottom line, social media’s impact is becoming increasingly something that all lines of business and levels are taking notice of.
Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO, Helix Commerce International Inc.
Eli Singer, Managing Director, Social POV
When & Where: 8:00AM to 10:30AM, MTCC, Toronto
Engage Me
The online world is changing faster then some advertisers and marketers can adapt to. Consumers are being offered more and more choices on a daily basis of where to spend their time and money. They are also being offered many opportunities to share their content such as photos, video and opinions.
Joseph Pilotta, Ph. D. – BIGresearch,
Adrian Schauer, Managing Partner, Vortxt Interactive,
Alfredo Tan, Strategic Alliances Director, Sympatico/MSN
When & Where: 1:00PM to 4:30PM, MTCC, Toronto
Get more details and sign up at Profectio!

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A Crash Course In Microsoft's AdCenter – CMA Reporting

Owen Sagness, VP at MSN Canada presented at the CMA’s National Convention & Trade Show on reaching online objectives – with a case study on the Microsoft Sympatico portal.

Owen presented some interesting statistics during his presentation, like the following:

  • Advertisements with audio and video have a 10% higher click-through than ads without.
  • The three top search categories are: Travel, Research, and Finance.
  • Canadians are the highest to adopt new technology.
  • Nearly 50% of complex queries go unanswered.

Click the video for a quick tutorial on Microsoft’s AdCenter.

(If you are reading the feed version of this you’ll need to click through to see the video.)

2 Comments "CGM-driven" Wishbook Campaign leaves me feeling like Scrooge

I saw an announcement from Media in Canada  today titled "Sears Trying CGM for Christmas Catalogue". Ooo, CGM – yay consumers! But alas, Tiny Tim, I got excited too soon. While checking out’s campaign, I encountered three very cranky Christmas Ghosts:

Ghost #1 "Voting" does not equal "CGM"
I read the Media in Canada article which basically said that Sears is letting customers vote on one of four pre-selected catalog covers (presumably) designed by their agency. CGM is Consumer Generated Media. The consumers have generated NOTHING here, except an email mailing list for future exploitation by Sears. It would be CGM if Sears committed to picking a design that was created by a consumer. I’m not sure if this is a mis-label by Media in Canada, or trying to play the "we do social media" card. Either way .. unfortunate.

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