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Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock is an online marketplace for royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. It offers a vast collection of high-quality visual assets that can be licensed and used for various creative projects. Adobe Stock is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, allowing users to access and license assets directly within their design workflows.

Artville is a stock illustration agency that offers a wide range of high-quality illustrations and images for use in design projects. It provides a collection of professionally created illustrations covering various themes and styles.

Corbis is a stock photography agency that offers a diverse collection of images, illustrations, and footage. It provides a wide selection of visual content, including creative and editorial images, for use in various commercial and editorial projects.

Fotosearch is a stock photography and stock footage agency that offers a comprehensive collection of visual assets. It provides access to millions of royalty-free images, illustrations, videos, and audio clips from various stock agencies and independent artists.

Global Photographers Search
Global Photographers Search is an online platform that connects clients with professional photographers worldwide. It serves as a directory where clients can search and find photographers based on location, specialty, and other criteria.

IABC Toronto
IABC Toronto is the Toronto chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). It is a professional association for communication professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. IABC Toronto provides networking opportunities, professional development programs, and resources to support communication professionals in their careers.

ImageSite is a platform for managing and distributing digital assets within organizations. It provides tools for organizing, sharing, and accessing images, videos, and other visual assets securely. ImageSite enables efficient collaboration and simplifies the process of managing and distributing digital media files.

iStock is a popular stock photography and stock footage agency. It offers a vast library of royalty-free images, illustrations, vectors, videos, and audio clips for use in creative projects. iStock offers flexible licensing options, including subscription plans and credit-based purchasing.

Mandy’s International Film and TV Production Directory
Mandy’s International Film and TV Production Directory is an online directory that connects professionals in the film and television production industry. It serves as a platform for finding and hiring crew members, actors, and other production-related professionals worldwide.

PrintersMart is an online marketplace for print and promotional products. It connects customers with printing service providers, allowing them to request quotes, compare prices, and place orders for various printing projects.

Professional Photographers of Ontario
Professional Photographers of Ontario (PPO) is an association representing professional photographers in the province of Ontario, Canada. PPO supports and promotes the professional development and business success of its members. It offers networking events, educational programs, and resources to help photographers enhance their skills and build successful photography businesses.

Stockbyte was a stock photography agency that offered a wide range of high-quality royalty-free images for use in various creative projects. It provided a diverse collection of photographs and illustrations covering different themes and subjects. However, please note that Stockbyte was acquired by Getty Images in 2006 and is no longer an active standalone website.

Stocksy is a cooperative stock photography agency that provides unique and artistic royalty-free images. It features a curated collection of high-quality photographs contributed by a community of talented photographers. Stocksy focuses on authentic and visually compelling visuals that cater to a more artistic and creative audience.

The Digital Directory
The Digital Directory refers to an online directory or listing that provides information and resources related to the digital industry. It may include listings of digital agencies, digital marketing professionals, web designers, developers, and other digital service providers. The Digital Directory can serve as a platform for businesses and individuals to find and connect with digital professionals for their specific needs.

The World Wide Freelance Directory
The World Wide Freelance Directory is an online directory that connects freelancers with potential clients across various industries and fields. It offers a platform for freelancers to showcase their skills and services and allows clients to search for and connect with freelancers based on their expertise and location.

VideoPro is a website or platform that focuses on providing video-related services, resources, and information. It may offer a range of services, including video production, video editing, video marketing, and video distribution. VideoPro can be a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to create, enhance, or leverage the power of video content.