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Quick reads … Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Infographic Guide: How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Team

The internet has no doubt changed the course of the way humans perform tasks. It has not only brought you closer to information or given you a more accessible platform to shop or bank; it has also given you more job opportunities. For one, most businesses either have a digital presence alongside their physical stores, while some even run entirely online. It’s given birth to a new form of marketing and advertising, and a much more challenging and creative one at that.


The ‘end of digital marketing’? Google is self-serving but right

Our industry throws around terms such as ‘marketing’ and ‘digital’ and ‘communications’ with abandon that is truly reckless. Let’s be more precise to be more effective.


Google keeps track of anything you’ve ever bought using Gmail, even if you delete emails

Google and other tech companies have been under fire recently for a variety of issues, including failing to protect user data, failing to disclose how data is collected and used and failing to police the content posted to their services.


Victoria-area ‘inflatable home’ the first in Canada

Victoria’s – and Canada’s – first ever ‘inflatable home’ or ‘Binishell’ is going up in an Esquimalt neighbourhood. And while it might look like a large tent is being installed, the Binishell is actually used as a building system that cuts down on costs.


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