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Quality Customer Service

I did a lot of talks and lectures and keynotes and one of my favourite topics is quality. Especially when it comes to customer service. It goes hand in hand with my passion for selling.
Well, here is a perfect example of what quality is, or in this case … isn’t.
Quality is defined as “Conformance to requirements.”
I was just out shopping at Sobeys. I like the place. The brand works for me. Nice enough experience – not Bruno’s nor Whole Foods – but clean, good prices and selection plus, it meets “my requirements.”

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How to WOW Your Clients and Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary – (Part One)

We live in a time and age where the words Customer Service don't really mean anything anymore.

When every company proclaims "we value customer service" and "we have the highest quality customer service" you can safely bet that they are failing the true test of Customer Service. That is, being different and providing clients with a WOW experience.

To truly provide a Wow experience for your clients you must understand the following:

The normal. Once you understand what your clients are used to, you can ensure that you provide a different and more positive experience for them.

Their expectations. This is different from the normal. Expectations are what your clients really expect out of you and your company. Over time their expectations may change though you should always do your best to understand what type of service they are expecting to receive. Knowing this will help you with the next step.