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Five Questions with Sam Zipursky of

When I saw this new jobsite I was quite impressed. One of the things I am involved with is The Direct Marketing Association of Toronto. Our site has a very important section – the industry job postings. My close relationship to this offering has always made me interested in this industry.

As opposed to just passing along this find in a Tweet or a post, I wanted to get some of the background from the owners. Enjoy!

PM: When and where did the idea for come from? To explain we need to go back a bit. In 2009 my cousin/business partner Michael Zipursky and I started an online community for Canadian consultants and freelancers called Advicetap. Advicetap was a place where top Canadian consultants, freelancers, and small business owners could connect with each other, promote their skills, and search for job opportunities. Through word of mouth, blogging, and social media Advicetap was growing…but we didn’t feel it was fast enough – we needed a way to get the word out to a larger audience, that’s when Business Edge Magazine stepped in…

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