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Road Rage and Hate and Trolls

By Peter Mosley

In a recent post on CNN Opinion, Jeff Pearlman confronts some of his haters face-to-face. It was interesting to hear that these folks who were rather abusive to him, when contacted, were shy, apologetic and Jeff even said he liked them.

Hate I liken this to Road Rage. If you have been personally involved in a case as I have numerous times, in a previous life – in fact, one case went right to the Supreme Court – I was always surprised that the offenders who are operating their vehicles like something out of Mad Max were quite normal when sitting at the police station being booked. Well, as normal as one can be under those conditions!

I checked and I believe the States have actually classified Road Rage a mental illness. (At the moment I have not been able to track down a reliable source to see if we have done this is Canada. But still checking.) This year Harris/Decima did a Canadian study on Road Rage. Net/Net we do not have the same in-car attitudes as say our neighbors to the south. We are, like, nice folks behind the wheel, eh? The Globe and Mail gives you the stats.

When your true identity is hidden from public view as stated in Jeff's article … "Well the Net got the better of me." you act differently.

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