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5 Valuable Skills of Online marketing

IStock_000011199295Small There are innumerable ways through which a business can market its products, services or opportunities on the net. One can choose to advertise through articles, videos, forums or press releases. One can post ads in classifieds, blog, advertise in article websites, or try his or hand at paid techniques. However, no success can be guaranteed without the use of these 5 valuable skills. For each online marketer, these skills are important to learn and to apply.

Let’s discuss these online marketing skills in detail:


Marketers – Go Online or Go Out of Business

Times they are a changin’ – yet again. I am involved in the communications for several friends who are running for Municipal office – Regional Councillors and Mayor. During the process of planning to get their message out, the obvious conversation about the affect of the Internet comes up. And despite the huge shifts that have happened in the past 4 years (since the last election) online, people (and candidates) still do not trust that they can reach the majority of their potential voters online. Despite knowing how effective the Internet is through programs like The Drum Platform™ and BFOUND™, my experience when having this conversation with many others in the past few years is never positive. Most people who have made up their mind that because their “Aunt Edna has never been on the Internet”, there must be a lot of Aunt Edna’s out there. So I looked up the facts. I went to Stats Canada and found THE number. In 2009 Stats Canada reports that 81% of Canadians have access to the Internet at home or at work.

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