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Why you suck at Presenting

A couple of things have nudged me to start a new series on presenting.

First, was the last three conferences I attended which were abysmal, and second, Jay Dolan's blog The Anti-Social Media. Fun stuff!

So, here is the first installment, of many, on – Professional Presentation Skills. (Why you suck at presenting, and why you shouldn't!) 

Now, some background … I have been teaching my version of Professional Presentation Skills for over 15 years, I have lectured at three Universities and have been honored to have clients like AMEX Global, Bell, Deloitte, TD Bank, Atomic Energy Canada to name a few on the client side, as well as, Interbrand, TAXI, Bimm Communications and numerous other top-ranked agency-side clients. There are also hundreds of keynotes and conference sessions notched on my belt. And it works. It works because people have told me it works. It has gotten them clients, promoted and new jobs. That's good enough for me.

Also in this day and age when everyone blurts out phrases like Usability and User Experience I believe they should practice what they preach. User Experience during your presentations should not end with folks tossing tomatoes at you, or worse … not getting the client!

This presentations thing has been a passion of mine, effective communications more specifically, and because we are doing more and more presentations this is a big part of communications. A bigger part of our jobs.

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