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_This is part of our new “Interesting”:http://www.onedegree.ca/category/interesting feature “we announced in April”:http://www.onedegree.ca/2006/04/25/whats-interesting-in-canada but then lost track of. If you have an “interesting” site you think we should feature let us know._
Recently I asked Ahmed Farooq from “iBegin.com”:http://www.ibegin.com/ to explain what makes his site interesting.
*One Degree: Who needs you?*
Anyone (in Toronto… for now) frustrated by local search.
*One Degree: Why do they need you?*
Simply because the current crop of local search sites (and Internet yellowpages) are rather craptastic. That’s right – I said crap.
*One Degree: Why are you interesting?*
We are completely self-funded, with no interest for external capital. There is no exit plan that comprises of a hopeful eye towards the usual suspects for a financially delicious buyout. We even have a philosophy that guides us. Local search with a mix of zen.
*One Degree: How do you make money?*
We do not right now. We are on target to become self-sufficient by 2007.

*One Degree: What is your mission?*
To do local search right. No need to jump around, looking for pictures, reviews, information. All in one place, backed by high quality results.
*One Degree: Who are you?*
I’m not sure about that myself. Still on the path of self-discovery, so once I know, I will let you know 🙂 Strictly facts, we are a web development firm that owns a variety of websites. And we are firmly in the black.
*One Degree: Where are you?*
We are located in Toronto, feverishly working.

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