Tuesday Tweetfest – May 26, 2009

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Of course this went out on Tuesday. Tuesday, I tell you!

What our Twitter team has been tweeting recently …

  • 14 year old girls on why TV is dead ow.ly/8j7B (CF) #
  • YouTube is huge and about to get even bigger: cli.gs/qaRQd5 (LH) #
  • Facebook blows past 300 million uniques: cli.gs/hdJeWe (LH) #
  • Celebrity Twitter Overkill – the sequel to Twouble with Twitters (video) cli.gs/Pr4ph3. Thanks to @ChrisDca (LH) #
  • YouTube launches biz blog, integrates analytics into brand channels cli.gs/9Z27Eb (LH) #
  • Twares: United Airlines offers special fares to Twitter users cli.gs/N2gjba (LH) #
  • Night in front of console more popular than night at movies cli.gs/7JEHVD (LH) #
  • How Facebook, MySpace and YouTube killed eBay cli.gs/QDVAaP (LH) #
  • Twitter coming to television in form of series bit.ly/10VixY (CF) #
  • Website management boring? Gerry McGovern thinks so cli.gs/4S2gnR (LH) #
  • Free tweets may disappear, Twitter co-founders say ow.ly/9phZ (CF) #
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