Special offer for One Degree readers from Lucid Meetings

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I am not a fan of meetings and am a proponent of improved effective communications. It is too easy to spin your wheels in meetings and I cannot remember how many times I have heard people say, "I would be working, but am in meetings talking about all the stuff I should be doing, instead of talking about it in this meeting!"



So, when something comes along to save time, I am all ears. I had the opportunity to do a tour of Lucid Meetings with one of the founders the other day. I have played around with it and tested it – simply, it works!

If you are like me and you have need to meet with folks scattered all over the world, this is a great solution. I personally found the interface very intuitive, nicely laid out, very clean and worked like a charm. 

Some of the stuff you can do:

  • Set up a secure meeting room for each of your groups 
  • Use the online agenda and manage the speaker queue to keep the discussion on track 
  • Send email invitations & reminders 
  • Share your screen or PDF presentations, walking everyone through the document together 
  • Collaboratively create & publish agendas, including attached reports 
  • Flag action items and monitor them through completion     
  • Meeting minutes & records are created instantly and can be exported for offline storage Keep track of time spent during the meeting including how long each speaker is taking     
  • Integrated conference calling and call recording to capture the discussion 
  • Vote on motions & decisions in real time  

As someone who is very involved in a number of associations this would be an amazing tool to save time, keep everyone on track and make sure agenda items are taken care of – plus have instant minutes recorded!

As a bonus, the folks at Lucid have offered One Degree readers a special 30 day trial and a 10% off discount.

If you want to try it go to  –  


Use OneDegree code NY2012  


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