Google’s Mobile-First Index: Everybody Ready?

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Google's Mobile-First index has been in the pipeline for over 7 years, and now the switch seems imminent. Eoin O'Neill, in conjunction with DeepCrawl, has investigated to see if websites are indeed ready, with some astonishing results that could have some big repercussions for the webmaster community.

With original, insightful research and a truly vital Mobile-First checklist, this Whitepaper is a must read for brands and webmasters alike.  

This Whitepaper was written by Eoin O'Neill, the Head of SEO at Tug Agency.


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Tug takes a genuinely integrated approach to digital planning and campaign execution across channels by blending the team’s experience with state of the art technology. Tug finds new insights & angles that drive significant commercial results for ambitious clients, helping them to compete around the world.

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