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Advergaming – Is Trivia the Right Answer?

In a continuing series of posts covering the topic of “advergaming” (Advergaming – the Good and the Pointless and Advergaming – Done Right, it Works ) I have found that I like what trivia-based promotions can do.
“Trivia” can be used effectively to educate and drive results within various groups including consumers, a channel, and even with employees. While asking broad trivia questions interspersed with specific product- or company-related questions you can create an entertaining promotion while educating participants. To me this smells like “edutainment”. And most people are competitive so if you provide them with a way to see their scores and overall rank they will likely keep coming back.

Many edutainment promotions have had a long life well after the actual promo period has ended, just because people are compelled to go back and get a personal high score or defend their positions against others.
One solution I think that has gotten this right is “”: a product from Seris Software Solutions, a Canadian company based in Mississauga. What I like about TriviaEngine is that it’s basically a trivia “game show” engine. And most people seem to like trivia-based game shows like Jeopardy! and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Furthermore, TriviaEngine has been used as the basis for many advergaming promotions for brands such as Disney, adidas, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Alliance Atlantis and ACE Insurance.
You can demo some of their current and past promos at .
If you want to get the most of an online promotion or sweepstakes it makes sense to consider advergaming as part of the campaign. You may find that using a trivia-based approach is the right answer for the best results.
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