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  1. Michael Seaton
    Michael Seaton October 18, 2006

    I will be there and would not miss it!
    I am looking forward to hearing everyone, David Weinberger and C.C Chapman (possibly the most passionate person in the new marketing space) and Frank Trivieri over the others for the simple reason that I have never met them or heard them speak.
    That being said, Joseph, Mitch, Bryan , Laura , Steve – it is not fair to put anyone ahead of you guys on my list as I am looking forward to hearing you as well.
    Also, the roundtables will be a great interactive learning platform.
    Can you tell I am excited about the next couple of days?

  2. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree October 18, 2006

    I’m particularly looking forward to hearing One Degree Contributor Mitch Joel present on Six Pixels of Separation. I’m a fan of the man but have yet to see him deliver his message in person.
    Maybe Mitch will talk about Second Life and help me out with my thinking around that.

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