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QotD – How Do You Deal With French Characters?

Today’s QotD comes from a recent issue we have had about adding French-specific characters to our posts. With the technology we are using at One Degree, it wasn’t possible to show the accent aigu in the title June’s previous post. With RSS requiring basic ASCII characters, our question of the day is:

How do you deal with French-specific characters and accents? (or any other language-specific accents for that matter)

And for those French speakers:

Comment traitez-vous ce problème?

One Comment

  1. Stefan Eyram
    Stefan Eyram February 26, 2007

    This is another reason email will remain strong against RSS. With a proper email marketing solution you can select the right character set for the target language or region. US ASCII is great in the US for the English alphabet but for French and many other languages you will need Unicode…or ISO or any of the main character sets that allow you to render your emails in most of the main languages around the world.

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