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Problems with Lead Generation or Conversion? Take a Usability Self-Assessment

Came across this pretty cool tool from VKI Studios in Vancouver.  It’s a quiz about the usability of your site.  Questions range from details about your site layout and design to strength of your copy and keywords. 


It isn’t necessarily comprehensive nor is it designed to solve all your problems, but if your boss has said to you "We need to improve the usability of the site" (or more likely "we need more web sales") then this tool is a place to start.  At the very least it gives you a framework to start thinking about web usability.

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  1. Darcy Foster
    Darcy Foster March 20, 2008

    Hi Kate,
    The real nice thing about the web is that we can make big improvements to user task completion rates by combining usability, testing and analytics. Tools like this are a starting point to get web site managers thinking about this type of strategy.
    You would not believe how much easier it is to double a site’s profits using conversion optimization vs traffic acquisition – and it can be done faster and much more cost effectively.
    Note: if you’re running a web business and you don’t have an analytics and usability/testing strategy in place, it won’t be long before you’re out of business.
    PS: Thanks for linking to our tool

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