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Month: January 2019

In the news … January 24, 2019

SEO Ranking Factors for 2019 As we head into the New Year, it’s a great time to review your website and your online marketing strategy.…

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5 Things That Will Happen After You Undergo Rhinoplasty

While some forms of rhinoplasty focus on changing the shape of the nose, others are primarily designed to correct some issue that interferes with breathing.…

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In the news … January 23, 2019

Share your latest Netflix binge on Instagram Stories We’ve all had that moment when we’ve just watched a great show or movie and simply have…

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In the news … January 22, 2019

I know who is behind the Instagram egg, but does it matter? The internet went into frenzy mode, with newsrooms rolling up their digital forensic…

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In the news … January 21, 2019

The Rise and Fall of the Social Media Influencer Last year, NYMAG and The Guardian proclaimed social media influencers the idols of millennials and the…

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