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I am obviously a big fan of Creative Development, as witnessed by the on-going series here. Just loved this!

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Developing the Creative Craft XVI


The term Brainstorming has become a commonly used word in the English language as a generic term for creative thinking. The basis of brainstorming is a generating ideas in a group situation based on the principle of suspending judgment – a principle which scientific research has proved to be highly productive in individual effort as well as group effort. The generation phase is separate from the judgment phase of thinking.

In Michael Morgan's book Creative Workforce Innovation he gives the following guidelines:

Brainstorming is a process that works best with a group of people when you follow the following four rules.

  1. Have a well-defined and clearly stated problem
  2. Have someone assigned to write down all the ideas as they occur 
  3. Have the right number of people in the group 
  4. Have someone in charge to help enforce the following guidelines:

            – Suspend judgment
            – Every idea is accepted and recorded
            – Encourage people to build on the ideas of others
            – Encourage way-out and odd ideas

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